How Do I Avoid a Language Barrier?

A language barrier is a barrier in communication caused by a difference in language. Alternatively, a language barrier may also arise from a difference in dialect. Language barriers can be a major obstacle in business. There are several ways to avoid language barriers.

Simple Communication

Business communication with companies in countries where you don’t speak the language can be difficult. For this reason, it is recommended to keep communication as simple as possible. Choose your means of communication carefully. For example, follow up an email with a telephone conversation. This allows you to briefly summarise what you sent, in order to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Language barriers within companies can be avoided by the use of pictograms. These significantly reduce the risk of misunderstandings and accidents. Pictograms are visual symbols that are easy to identify and interpret. This allows you to still communicate, without using language.

Clear Communication

In addition to simple communication, it is of course also important that your communication is clear. Not everyone understands the jargon within your industry, so it is important to clearly describe more technical terminology. Be specific and patient. Intercultural communication requires more time, which is why there must be clear communication about expectations. Be specific and make concrete agreements.

Attention to Language and Culture

In addition to the language barrier, there may also be cultural aspects that differ. Are you planning to actively collaborate with a foreign company? Try to immerse yourself in their culture. For example, try to identify what kind of values there are in the particular country. Alternatively, you can also try to learn the language a bit. You could follow a (short) language course, for example.

Professional Translations Of Your Texts

The most effective approach is to have your important documents, texts or emails translated by a professional translation agency. Most translation agencies work with native speakers, who not only understand the language but also the culture. This remove all language barriers, as a result of which you don’t need to worry about misunderstandings or ambiguities in communication.