In the Age of Corona, Language Plays a Major Role During the Summer Holidays

Summer holidays in the age of Corona. The Dutch government has been gradually relaxing the measures  introduced with the ‘intelligent lockdown’. Until very recently, welcoming (foreign) tourists this summer seemed very unlikely. However, according to the European Commission, we don’t have to write off the summer holidays yet. It is looking more and more likely that we can go on holiday this summer. It goes without saying that, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we must all adhere to the government measures .

Government Discusses Summer Holiday During Corona

Due to travel restrictions, domestic holidays are more popular than in previous years. The Dutch government advises not to go abroad anymore, only in strictly necessary cases. During the press conference on 19 May 2020, Prime Minister Mark Rutte explained that the government is in the process of issuing advice for the summer holidays. This advice is determined on the basis of the risk of infection and the policies of other countries.

The European Union is looking for smart solutions for the summer holidays. The tourism sector has been hit hard by the Corona crisis. In response, the Italian government has announced that it will be reopening its borders in June.

Communication During the Summer Holidays

Borders of several countries within the EU are expected to open again in the coming months. This will only apply for EU residents. People from non-EU countries will have to wait a little longer. Once it is possible to go on holiday again, people will also have to carefully communicate with each other. It will be particularly important to take a minimum distance of 1.5 metres into account at all times. Because of the greater distance required while communicating, people will not be able to get by with gestures alone. Understanding and speaking a foreign language will be especially important this summer.

Language Will Play a Major Role During the Summer Holidays

The country you will be visiting this summer will without doubt have its own unique coronavirus measures in place. You will be expected to comply with these measures. Of course, you will have to understand these measures in a language that is foreign to you. Are you going on holiday to Italy but don’t speak any Italian? The Italians will expect you and your family to comply with the appropriate measures. The same will apply in France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Greece. It is important that you remain up-to-date with the measures that apply abroad this summer. Language will no doubt play an important part in this.