Interested In Promoting Your Book on the English Market? These 5 Tools Will Help You Out

After months or perhaps even years of hard work, the time has finally come: you’ve finished writing your book. You are extremely proud of your efforts. You eventually decide to have the book translated into English. Unfortunately, your hard work doesn’t always pay off. After all, with no fewer than one million books published last year, the English market is enormous. Are you eager to turn your English book translation into a success? Use the promotional tools mentioned below and achieve better results abroad.

Attend Events

Before you even start writing your book, it is important to build a large network. Speak to as many acquaintances as possible, as well as publishers and reviewers from the United States and the United Kingdom, and tell them you’re planning on writing a book. Now you may be wondering, where does one find these publishers and reviewers? Perhaps you could attend The London Bookfair, where 25,000 publishers get together in a single week.

Write down the names of people most interested in your book and approach them personally once the book is complete. It is also recommended to email all other interested parties with information about the launch of your book.

Social Influencers and Bloggers

About six months before the launch of your book, try to get in touch with bloggers and social influencers. Social influencers have many followers on their social media channels and are considered important trend watchers. Send the most interested social influencers and bloggers  from your network the best chapters of the book (but not everything, you don’t want others to run off with your success!). Ask for their opinions and tell them you are interested in an interview about the book.

Don’t be afraid to write to the biggest names in the book world. Do not forget however that these people receive dozens of messages from writers every day, so make sure you convince them that your book is truly worth it. A mention on a well-known book blog or the Twitter account of a popular English influencer can cause a snowball effect and open many new doors.

Recommended By…

Another strong promotional tool is a recommendation by an expert in your field. You can then print this recommendation on the cover of your book, similar to the popular business book ‘Hooked‘ for example. Of course, it is even better if you get an expert to write the foreword of your book, similar to ‘The New Rules of Marketing PR’. This will no doubt increase sales, because potential customers will find the book reliable thanks to the recommendation. It is therefore very wise to invest in a powerful recommendation.

Create an English-Language Website

An English-language website about your book is certainly not a luxury. It is your calling card, after all! A website will convince the English market why they should buy your book. For example, use the website to publish new tips that you cover in the book. Moreover, you’re the expert,  you should give others writing tips, and let them know which recent books are worthwhile reads, for example. You can also use the website to publish several sample pages from your book and place links to sales channels. Even after the book is published, make sure to keep updating your blog with reader reviews and new sales outlets.

Online Sales Channels

The final, but certainly not the least important, tool is to make sure your book is on sale through as many online sales channels as possible, including Amazon and iBooks. The advantages of these sales channels are enormous. Since many people check out these websites before purchasing a book, online sales channels allow for a great potential reach.

Once your book has been listed online, it is time for step two: getting (positive) reviews. Reviews are extremely effective. Almost all potential customers will read them before deciding to buy the book. For each sales channel, make sure you have at least ten reviews to appear credible. Ask everyone in your network to leave a honest review. Also don’t forget to ask well-known reviewers for a review; even though it might just be a couple of sentences, these can be enough to persuade potential readers to take a look at/buy the book.

Using the aforementioned tools, promoting a book on the English market will be a lot easier. Recommendations of experts in your field, dozens of book reviews, a website and/or blog will no doubt boost your sales. Of course, all these activities require extra effort, so the last piece of advice that I would like to give you is to start marketing your book on time!

Interested in having your book translated into English? We are happy to provide you with advice!