Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this frequently asked questions page both quickly and easily helps answer any of your questions.

When is a translation considered an urgent translation?

An urgent translation is a translation job where the deadline requires an average of more than 2,000 words to be translated per day.

Do you also offer urgent translations?

Yes, our work processes can be tailored to deliver a translation within a tight deadline, without compromising on quality.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is a translation that has been performed by a translator who has been sworn in as a translator by the Dutch court. The translator declares that the translation is complete and correct and provides this statement with their signature and stamp.

In what situations do I require a sworn translation?

You may require a sworn translation for documents such as deeds, documentary evidence, wills, bank guarantees and diplomas. A sworn translation guarantees that these documents have been lawfully translated.

Are all translators sworn translators?

No, not all translators are sworn translators. A sworn translator has been sworn in as a translator by the Dutch court. Only they can certify official documents.

Do you translate into every language?

Yes, we translate into almost every language. If you are looking for a translation that involves a less common language combination, please feel free to contact us.

Do you translate from every language?

Yes, we translate from almost all languages. If you are looking for a translation that involves a less common language combination, please feel free to contact us. 

In what disciplines is Translation Agency Textwerk active?

Sometimes a translation is intended for a specific discipline or field. After all, a legal document requires a different approach than a marketing text. Please take a look at our various areas of expertise here

Can you also proofread my texts?

Yes, we can also proofread texts. When proofreading, we charge a fixed rate per hour, not per word. Please contact us to discuss the hourly rate. 

Do you also write texts?

No, we do not write texts. However, we do offer copywriting services through our parent-company. We are happy to introduce them to you.

Do you also write texts?

No, we do not provide copywriting services. However, we do offer copywriting services through our parent-company. Please contact us to discuss the hourly rate.

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In what situation do I require the services of a translation agency?

A translation agency may be necessary if you need documents to be professionaly translated. A translation agency works with human translators. Human translators produce higher quality texts than machines. Moreover, they take into account the correct tone of voice and sentence structures.

Why should I engage a translation agency?

Whenever you engage a translation agency for translations, you prevent documents from being translated too literally by translation machines. Translation agencies work with human translators, which guarantees that sentence structures are translated correctly.

How does a translation agency benefit me?

A translation agency takes care of the entire translation process. You will be sure of meeting deadlines and of the overall quality of your texts.

How does a translation agency work?

Each translation agency has a different approach. Generally speaking, you only need to submit a request for a quotation and submit the documents to be translated. A account manager will then contact you and send a suitable offer. Should you agree to the offer, your text(s) will be translated by a professional translator. Once the translation is ready, it will be sent to you by means of your preferred method.

What are the costs associated with engaging a translation agency?

Costs will not only vary by translation agency, but also by text. This is due to the different translation options that may be offered.

How come there is often a price difference between different translation agencies?

The rates of different translation agencies may vary considerably. This is often because of the different translation options that are offered. For example, some translation agencies offer post-editing, where a machine first translates the text and then a human translator makes final changes. Other translation agencies have texts translated by a native translator and then proofread by a second native translator. The former offers less quality than the latter, but is a lot more cost-efficient.

What is lokalisation?

Localisation is the process of adapting a product (in our case a text) to the language and culture of a particular country or area. In this way, the text is not only translated, but the correct terminology and tone of voice are also included.

What is a source language?

The source language refers to the current language of a document that has yet to be translated.

What is a target language?

The target language is the language to which the document needs to be translated. This is the language used for the translation.

When is a translation agency certified?

A translation agency is certified if it is in the possession of an ISO certificate. After a translation agency has applied for a certification, it is assessed whether the agency works according to strict ISO requirements. If this is the case, the certificate will be rewarded.

What is an ISO certificate?

An ISO certificate is a certificate that proves that a company works according to ISO guidelines. ISO-9001 is a general quality certificate. ISO-17100 is a quality certificate especially designed for translation agencies. If a translation agencies works according to the strict guidelines, it will be awarded the certificate.

Is Translation Agency Textwerk ISO certified?

Yes, Textwerk is an ISO-9001 & ISO-17100 certified translation agency.

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What is the delivery time for a translation?

The delivery time of a translation will depend on the target language and specialisation. On average, our translators translate approx. 2,000 words per working day. Should you require an urgent translation, we can assign multiple translators to a project, which means more words can be translate per day.

Is it possible to deliver part of my translation sooner?

Yes, individual parts of a translation can be delivered sooner. We are a flexible translation agency, which means we can deliver parts of a text earlier.

Can you deliver parts of a document in the interim?

Yes, we can deliver parts in the interim so that you do not have to wait until the final deadline to view the translation.

What does a translation cost?

The costs of a translation depend on the language combination and specialisation. This may differ depending on the translation agency and type of text.

How are the costs of a translation calculated?

When it comes to the costs of a translation, we often speak of costs per word. The costs per word consist of the costs of the translator, a possible second translator who proofreads the translation and the costs of the translation agency.

Is there a cheaper way of translating?

One example of a more inexpensive way of translating would be post-editing. With post-editing, your text is translated by a machine, after which it is proofread by a translator. When you opt for post-editing, the costs of your translation will be lower. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the various options.

Are all translators native speakers?

No, not all translators are necessarily native speakers. Native translators are translators who exclusively translate into their native language. Alternatively, some translators translate into a language they have studied. These translators are not native translators. 

Do you work with native speakers?

Yes, all our translators are native speakers. We believe that native speakers are better able to convey the correct tone of voice and relevant terminology. This allows us to offer higher quality translations.

Can I consult with the translator directly?

No, generally speaking this is not possible at Textwerk. We make sure your wishes are clear and communicate them to our translators. As a professional translation agency, we have all the necessary in-house expertise to deliver a translation that is in line with your wishes. Should there be a moment during the translation process where we deem it necessary to communicate with the translator, we will immediately contact all parties involved.

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What is a terminology list?

A terminology list is a list containing terms or phrases along with exactly how these terms or phrases should be translated.

Can I submit a terminology list?

Yes, you may submit your own terminology list.

What is a translation memory?

A translation memory remembers all segments that have been translated. In case of a repeat segment, this segment will be automatically translated based on the previous translation.

Do you have accumulated translation memories?

Yes, we have accumulated translation memories.

Can I request my existing translation memory?

Yes, you may request your existing translation memory.

Can I submit my own translation memory?

Yes, you may submit your own translation memory.

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Wanneer is een vertaling een spoedvertaling?

You may request or request quotation button. Alternatively, you may also request a quotation by phone or via email.

Is requesting a quotation free of charge?

Yes, requesting a quotation is non-binding and completely free of charge.

How do I contact Textwerk?

You may contact us by phone (+31 20 3690122) or via email

What is your general approach of translations?

You can request a free quotation by clicking the quotation button or contact  us directly to gain insight into the duration and costs of your translation project. Should you agree to our offer, we will get started right away. We will assign a permanent translation team and deliver the translation to you within the deadline. The above is our general approach to translations. Of course, every customer is unique and our possibilities are endless, which is why we like to keep in touch with you personally to tailor the translation process exactly to your needs.

Is your translation method different compared to other translation agencies?

Broadly speaking, most translation agencies adhere to the same translation method. What distinguishes us from most translation agencies is that a second native translator will check your text. Moreover, we fully adapt the translation process to your needs. This allows us to consistently offer the highest quality. 

How do I submit my website texts?

We have three options for submitting website texts:

  • Via a link with a CMS system. We already have links with several CMS systems. If necessary, we can establish a new link.
  • Via export (XML, for example). We have created a manual for this.
  • Submitting a plain text (in Word, for example).

Can you extract the texts from my website?

Yes, this is possible, but this approach involves additional costs.

How do I submit my documents?

You may submit your documents in a way that is most convenient to you. We can adjust our workflow accordingly.

Which file formats can I submit?

All editable files, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc. Occasionally we can also translate non-editable texts such as PDF files. However, this may involve additional costs. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

In what form will I receive my website translation?

You will receive your website translation in the same way as you provided it.

In what form will I receive my translated documents?

You will receive your translated documents in the same way as you provided them. The translation will maintain the same format as the original document.

Is it possible to send the translation to a different person?

Yes, this is possible, but only with the explicit consent of the client.

Is it possible to send an invoice to a different company?

Yes, this is possible, but only if the company to which the invoice is sent provides written approval for this. We will adjust the name on the invoice accordingly.

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How do I find a reliable translation agency?

A reliable translation agency is often a certified translation agency. References from other companies also give a general idea of an agency’s reliability. Should you have any doubts about safeguarding the confidentiality of your documents, please request a non-disclosure agreement or enclose it with your translation request.

Are my documents subject to a duty of confidentiality?

Yes, all documents submitted to Textwerk, including their translations, are subject to a duty of confidentiality. This is described in more detail in our general terms and conditions.

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How do I know whether my document has been translated correctly?

You can always assume that your document has been translated correctly. After all, we are an experienced and certified translation agency. You are of course always always free to obtain independent advice.

Does my translated document maintain the original formatting?

Yes, we work with innovative translation technology that ensures the original formatting is maintained.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with my translation?

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your translation, we will gladly make the necessary changes following consultation.

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