Machine editing

The best of both worlds! We combine the latest technological advancements in the translation world with a language expert. This means that we have a trained artificial intelligence create a translation of your text, after which one of our professionals checks this translation.

Post-editing ensures a higher translation speed with a limited budget.

Need to make a text quickly readable? In post-editing, the purpose of the text is considered. Is it to be made quickly readable for a legal case? Or is the goal for your company to be the first to appear in Google with product descriptions? With post-editing, we increase the turnaround time to deliver a translated document faster.

A goal can already be achieved with limited content quality. The translator is assisted by artificial intelligence, after which it only needs to be checked if the message, punctuation, and grammatical use are broadly correct. The result is a text that is readable and checked by a language expert.

Trained Professionals

For post-editing, we also engage ISO-certified translators from our roster. We consider the specialty of these language experts before starting the assignment. Additionally, they work in our software, which ensures consistent sentence usage and terminology.

As a translation agency, we understand these needs. Because we work with native translators each with their own expertise, we can always match the right translator with your needs.

A Method with a Personal Approach

Every client is unique and our possibilities are endless, so we like to keep in personal contact with you to tailor the translation process exactly to your translation project.

Should the method not be entirely clear, it can also be found on our frequently asked questions page.

1. Quote Process

Receive a free and non-binding quote via your email within two hours.

2. Submitting Text

In addition to Word and Excel files, our translation agency also accepts formatted documents in PDF, IDML, XML, and HTML.

3. The Right Translator

Once the quote is approved, our project manager engages a translator specialized in the field of your text.

4. Always Double Checked

Translations are always checked by a second native translator. This is how we can guarantee consistent quality.

5. Delivery

The translation is delivered in the desired layout and file format.

6. Guarantee

Should the text not meet your expectations, we are happy to adjust the translation.

Tijd voor zakelijke groei

Elke klant is uniek en onze mogelijkheden zijn oneindig, daarom houden we graag persoonlijk contact met u om het vertaalproces precies op uw vertaalproject aan te passen.

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